Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Acts 2:45 IBS

Wednesday September 10, 2014

Acts 2:45 “and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.”

            Nope, it’s mine. Well, there’s another selfish aspect of myself. I like my things in a certain spot in a certain way and if something is missing or messed up, I get really annoyed or angry. Especially when it comes to food, when I don’t want to share, don’t ask me for some. Like how would they know I’m not in the mood for sharing (hah). It just quite honestly annoys me when someone asks me for some food, which is sad, but honest. If I wanted to give you some, I would have. When I’m in the mood for sharing, by all means, the whole world can have some! If I’m reading this one out loud in class today, please don’t think you can’t ask me for some food, I may get annoyed at first, but please do ask me for some, it will help me in this lesson of NOTHING IS MY OWN! Although, at this moment in time, I really only have a bag of some old chips, which I’m sure you don’t want and a few butterscotch candies, if you want some of those, have at it! Becca is such a good example with that. She had her church bring her a bunch of food from the states when they came for their mission trip and she has shared all of it! What an awesome gift that girl has and what an example she is!

            When it comes to clothes or other items, I can be somewhat the same way. Well that’s my shirt, you can’t wear that. Being here has kind of broken that away a bit, thankfully. I forgot to bring a zip-up hoodie here and sometimes I don’t want to put on one that goes over your head, because it’s too hot. But Alyx, she lets me borrow many of her jackets all the time! She is such an example to me in that way that when she comes and asks to wear my hoodie, I don’t have any problem with letting her wear it. She saw I was in need, like this verse says, and gave. I need to do the same. Like I said a bit earlier, nothing is really my own. I may buy it with my own money, but my money is not my money either, it’s God’s. Who am I to claim things as my own? I am here to spread the love of Jesus, make disciples, and if people are in need, provide it, whether it’s through “my” stuff or not.

            Application: I will keep an eye out for things my family here may need and share it with them. If someone asks me for something, I will pray for strength and remember that it isn’t mine. I will also write “nothing is mine” on my hand for this reminder.

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