Sunday, March 1, 2015

Broken Khmer

My heart literally meltedYesterday after church, I found Nhel and Srey Leam just sitting in the tuk tuk parked below our balcony, so I went over to talk to themwell talk to them as best as I could with broken Khmer. As the conversation went on, they asked me when I was going back to America. I told them April 6th and that I would miss them when I go. Nhel said he would miss me toothats the first hit to the heart. Then, they asked me if I was coming back. I told them I dont know and that Im praying. Srey Leams response was, I will pray for Brittani to come back! (Of course in Khmer) and that was the second hit. My heart just hurthurt thinking about leaving these wonderful children and people. I love them, I love Cambodia. But I know God is in control. He has those two kiddos in His hands, He has Cambodia in His hands, and He has my future in His hands. What a wonderful life

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