Thursday, November 6, 2014

Words Cannot Describe

John chapter thirteen speaks of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. An ultimate example of love and humility. In Guatemala, the last weekend of training for IGNITE, the girls had a foot washing ceremony. We got to wash the feet of the person sitting next to us and then switch. Instead of the person next to me, Kaylee, my teammate comes over and asks to wash my feet. She kneels down, dips my foot in the warm water and begins washing, all the while somebody is playing the guitar worshiping in the background. Just sitting there feeling…I don’t know, loved…Kaylee and I begin to cry. It’s like all the other girls in the room weren’t there, it was just Jesus, Kaylee, and myself. When the process was finished, we switched and I washed her feet. A feeling of lowliness came over me, but a good lowliness, that of a lamb, submitting to my Lord and becoming humble. It was a beautiful thing that words cannot describe. It was simply Jesus.

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