Thursday, November 6, 2014

What and Experience…So Far

View from our new home
I am eager to write this from Kraing Tnong, Cambodia amongst the village people. God has been so merciful and He brings forth some form of ministry each day, whether it be with children, the youth, or just helping cleaning. He is so good and provides! It is crazy to think I will be here almost a month already! Being the first team of IGNITE students to Cambodia it has felt like we haven’t done much yet, but like I said God brings forth different forms of ministry. Basically the moment I step outside of the house with my teammates, children come running. When we ride our bicycles around the village, getting mud all over our legs, we are a testimony. I love being able to say God has given me the opportunity to do His work in a village in South East Asia. Every time we go riding around the village, kids scream “HELLO” or we’ll see kids from the Potter’s Field feeding program and they’ll scream our names as we’re riding by and it’s a blessing to be able to say their names back.

Feeding Program that Potter's Field is involved with
          The churches here in Cambodia are amazing, I’ve experienced real, raw worship and have really felt the Holy Spirit in the room. I may not know the language, I am trying to learn, but God’s love speaks to all and breaks that barrier. It has been a beautiful thing to see the older generation, who have probably worshipped to a false idol, Buddha earlier in life, kneel down before the Lord in worship and to see the younger generation coming up and serving God in the church. Just around the corner there are people who do, what I would assume prayer to Buddha, through a speaker so the whole village can hear. My prayer is that this church in Kraing Tnong will be louder than that. Not physically louder, but salt and light, that the people will hear the name praya-yay-su (Jesus) on the streets and know what that means. (Also just as a side note, the Cambodian language is Khmer and it is symbols, which I have no clue how to write, but praya-yay-su is how you would pronounce Jesus) And not only is that my prayer for this village but all others and all of Cambodia. Please keep that in your prayers as well.

~Joy, joy, joy, oh we got Joy~
          I’m excited to see what the Lord brings forth in the next five months! Please be in prayer for me and my teammates, to press on and to keep seeking ministry that the Lord puts before us.

My little buddy, Yung Che

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