Monday, August 31, 2015

Same, Same, but Different

Psalm 31:24 “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”
The best send off I've ever had from my wonderful Khmer family.
I read this very same verse and chapter on March 31st while I was still in Cambodia. I had already read my daily reading, so He took me to Psalm 31. We had about a week left on the field and I just needed His comfort. Little did I know, I would be reading this very chapter in my daily reading and in a similar position now as I was then. Now, I have about a week left until I go to Montana. Same, same, but different. I would say the emotions were on a much higher level in Cambodia than they are now, because then I had no idea if I would ever see the people again (on earth). But my family is here and friends that I’ve had almost my whole life…my roots are here. Lord willing, I will see everyone here again (laying aside the fact I should be back for Christmas); it’s not as emotional as leaving Cambodia. Yet, it is still very difficult for me. Every time I leave a place where my heart is at, it’s like ripping off a Band-Aid. Yesterday, when I read this chapter, I was letting my emotions take the lead, instead of my hope in the Lord. I’m just in awe of Him and how He works. The fact that I read the very same chapter in a similar situation, just at different times is incredible. He knew I needed to be reminded of what He showed me those many months ago. I must be of good courage and hope in the Lord and He will strengthen my heart. The Lord IS my strength and hope! I am so grateful for learning this lesson again and as I leave and begin this new journey I will look to the Lord, because He is my everything. 
A rockin' goodbye party from these cool cats I call family, which
included a piñata! ;)

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