Monday, August 24, 2015

A Stepping Stone

Once the Lord placed it on my heart to return to Cambodia, I began to take steps as to how and when that would be. I contacted Potter’s Field and communicated with them. I was told I needed to come to Montana first to get a fuller understanding of the ministry, which is wise and understandable. I wasn’t a big fan of this idea at first. I just wanted to hurry up and go to Cambodia. I didn’t want any delays…all selfish thinking. As I sought the Lord, He softened my heart and showed me that Montana is a step I need to take before returning to Cambodia. He reminded me of Paul in the book of Acts. The Lord had many stops for Paul, all of which He grew him and had many lessons for him, before bringing him to Rome. I already see a lesson in this and I’m not even there yet: Montana will not be the same without my IGNITE class, it won’t be the same with what I am doing or how I am going to live. And Cambodia will not be the same without the team I had, I won’t be living in the same location, the tasks will be different, I will be surrounded by different people, and I will be in a different position. Besides the fact of needing to learn more about PFM, I don’t think I would be able to handle such differences if I just went straight to Cambodia. That’s a lesson I need to learn beforehand. The Lord knows exactly what I need to grow in. Montana is a stepping stone towards where the Lord is leading me.

Through all of this, if I ever doubted this is where the Lord is leading (Montana, Cambodia, and all), He has shown me otherwise. I was blessed with a letter and a donation from an anonymous friend. I was able to speak to my Pastor, receive his support, and be able to share at all four of the services to gain awareness, prayer, and potentially financial support. I had a table with more information and pictures and even proceeds from the café went to me. The support that I got just from that weekend was incredible! The Lord is using others and bringing support in ways that just continuously blow my mind and bring me to tears of joy! Although I am sad to leave Colorado, I am ready to begin this new journey! I know the Lord is going to continue to work on my heart as I head out to Montana and I am excited for the lessons He is going to have for me and the preparation for what’s to come later. I leave for Montana September 8th and I return to Colorado December 22nd for Christmas with my family. Returning to Cambodia is still unknown, but God will reveal that in His perfect timing!

The information table I was able to put together with tools and resources the Lord allowed me to have.

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