Sunday, February 25, 2018

God Moves When We Least Expect It

Winter in Montana.

A quiet season, Montana has been. I came back to the States expecting to just be, to just live, and to just help where the needs are - in MudMan and in Media. It is never a bad thing to desire; I hadn't any thoughts of anything else. As I wrote back in October - seek first the Kingdom.

Buy Local Serve Global.
Yet, I have seen the Lord use me in ways that I in myself cannot accomplish. {Glory be to God} Ways that I never would've expected, seeing how much I need to continuously feed on His Word, trust in His Spirit, and seek first His Kingdom. In the midst of working at MudMan and doing Media, I have been a girls house overseer.

The girls in the house I get to oversee.
Blinded by what was given to me, I still strove to make sure I had a place in this ministry, that I was accepted. I was run down by this. The Lord reminded me that I am firstly His daughter, to be just that, everything that comes after is a blessing He has given me to walk in. I was so sweetly reminded that I do have a place, to not strive to prove anything, that I do have a proven character by who the Lord has made me to be. In other words, to just be, seek first His Kingdom, and let the Holy Spirit use me. (I feel as though this has been a bunny trail in my writing, but I want others to know, the Lord has great plans for you, you don't need to try and prove anything, just seek Him and He will do the rest, when you least expect it...)

With a small part of the MudMan Crew.
When you least expect it...I didn't expect to be a girls house overseer when I came back to Montana, but the Lord did it. And with what's next, I didn't expect. The second week of March I will be traveling to Uganda, Africa to lead the IGNITE Class 14 girls team. And then I remembered. During my field time I had asked the Lord about leading a team of girls somewhere, so blessed by my leadership (and have applied such examples in my life today), I too wanted an opportunity to take those examples and lead in my own way as the Lord would lead.

Team Uganda Girls. (Left to right)
Me, Emily, Manon (who will be helping
me lead), Gabbi, & Kaydra.
Without really any other thought about leading a team, today I see the Lord fulfilling that desire that I had spoken with Him once about. And I see His ways of preparing me. From first coming back to the ministry, the severe humbling that needed to take place (and continual that is), to becoming an RA, to assisting in Cambodia, to a girls house overseer currently, now on to Uganda. The Lord knows the desires of our hearts. His ways are higher than ours. He moves when we least expect it. And He makes us ready, because right now, I feel as if I am not, but I know He is equipping me.


  1. So excited for this new adventure and calling.
    Loves and prayers Dear One.
    Mrs. Joni

    1. Thank you so much, Mrs. Joni! So thankful for you and your prayers! I hope you are well <3

  2. So excited for You! Love seeing the Lord work in you and you as a willing servant! Will be praying for you!
    Patrick & Pamela

    1. Patrick and Pamela!
      Thank you so much! So blessed to know you guys! I hope things are going well for you! :)

  3. Brittani, you shine for the Lord in everything you do. I am blessed to call you friend & sister. Praying for safe journeys and great kingdom advancement while you serve Him in this new adventure. Love you much - Miss Dimple

    1. Oh Miss Dimple! Thank you so much! And same, I am very blessed to have you in my life! Love you too!